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Sonic Electric Toothbrush | Face Exfoliating Head | Massage Head

This is the complete bathroom tool to get you ready for the day looking and feeling great with a sonic wave toothbrush and 2 more interchangeable heads to massage, wash and deep pore cleanse your face.  Producing over 35,000 sonic waves per second to remove teeth stains and exfoliate your skins with the face wash head. 

The intelligence sensor will alert you every 30 seconds to move the brush to another area to ensure you clean all areas of your mouth evenly and alerts you at 2 minutes to complete the cycle which is the recommended brushing time by dentists.

Toothbrush head- with 3 modes

  • Massage – promotes healthy gum by increasing blood flow and preventing gingivitis and receding gum lines.
  • Clean – to effectively clean teeth and remove food debris and preventing plaque
  • White – up to 35,000 sonic vibration waves to remove stains and break up stubborn plaque and tartar.

Face brush head – 3 modes

  • Massage – gently cleanse the days makeup from your face
  • Clean – remove oils and dead skin cells and cleanses you face
  • White – brighten skin with a deep pore cleanse and exfoliate

Face Massage head – 3 modes

  • Massage – light vibration promotes lymph drainage and is gentle for the delicate eye area to reduce puffiness
  • Cleanse – stronger to promote blood flow and help oxygenate skin to reduce fine lines and dark circles.
  • White – high frequency to exercise facial muscles to prevent wrinkles and delay aging.


  • Intelligent triple modes toothbrush with 3 interchangeable heads.
  • USB charge on charging pad with 3 hours fast charge from flat and lasts up to 21 days between charging.
  • USB inductive charging support, safe and easy automation
  • 2-minute automatic timer: 30-second interval to ensure brushing in four quadrants
  • IPX7 grade waterproof can be used for bath and shower
  •  DuPont nylon brush is suitable for tooth shape, clean hard to reach areas  

 Package includes:

1x handle

1x toothbrush head

1x washing brush head

1x massage brush head

1 x charging base with USB cord




$29.99 $55.99

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