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Pet GPS Tracker Collar For Dogs and Cats


Don't Fret about losing your Pet with the Pet GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats



With the GPS function via an App downloaded to your phone, it can tell you where your pet is at any time, You can even call the pet tracker by setting the family number, set a virtual boundary so you are alerted when you Pet is ventures beyond and its waterproof. This is absolutely the best choice for you.






Innovative Design: Compact and lightweight the collar is strong and the tracker is unobtrusive. Collar length is 65cm



GPS Function: The pet tracker can locate your pet anywhere, you can see the location and movement of pet on the phone It can record the pet tracking for 3 months.


Virtual Security Fence: You can set an area that alarms immediately when the pet ventures beyond the virtual boundary



Remote Listening: Use the App to call the tracker and listen to the environment around your pet to help identify what they are up to or if someone has them.



Water Resistant: It is waterproof and suitable for use in a variety of environments



120H Standby & Low Power Alarm: The USB rechargeable 500mAh Li-ion battery has 120 hours standby time, and it will alarm if the battery is getting low, reminding you to charge in time. Tip: charge at night when your pet is inside.



Package includes:



Ø 1 × Pet Tracker



Ø 1 × Collar Attachment



Ø 1 × USB Charging Cable



Ø 1 × User Manual



$69.99 $82.00

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