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Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Pad

ERGONOMIC KEYBOARD WRIST REST + MOUSE WRIST REST - The perfect ergonomically designed wrist support tool combo for computer users. Comfortably support your hands and wrists while using your desktop computer, laptop notebook or Apple Mac.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN & QUALITY - Made of durable premium-quality materials, including high-tech memory foam cushion padding (superior to gel) that is comfortable, durable and contours to your wrists shape. Non-slip backing to hold the wrist pad and mousepad set firmly in place on your desk.

DESIGNED TO HELP PREVENT INJURY - Maintain proper wrist alignment during computer use, and protect your wrists, hands, and palms against debilitating overuse pain syndromes such as Carpal Tunnel and RSI. Designed to take the weight off the shoulders & arms and reduce muscle strain.

EXCEPTIONAL SUPPORT AND COMFORT - Generous dimensions to comfortably support both wrists when typing the keys, using the mouse, or gaming. Ideal for long hours of use, great for office workers and gamers.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wrist Pain Relief
  • Exceptional Support & Comfort
  • High-Quality Materials

Material: Memory Foam, Superfine Lycra Fibre, Rubber Base
Size: 46cm X 8.5cm X 2.2cm (Mouse wrist rest 13.5cm X 8cm)

Package includes:  Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Wrist Rest

$19.99 $36.99

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