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AirPro Bluetooth Earphones

Do you want audiophile quality earphones at an Affordable Price?

The AirPro Bluetooth Earphones with noise reduction are the solution for you.

The Noise Reduction AirPro Bluetooth Earphones Features:

  • 24 Hour Battery and Wireless charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure crystal clear connection
  • AirPros deliver an industry-leading 5 hours of listening time per charge
  • Powered by the all-new W1 chip. They deliver a 70% higher quality connection.
  • Case comes with a protective silicone cover that has a belt clip
  • With the all-new wireless charging case and Siri/Google Assistant built-in.
  • Separate use Left earphone and Right earphone, without any disconnect or sound cut from headsetsIn-ear Smart Sensor
  • Supports QI wireless charging
  • Real Battery Window
  • Touch Control
  • Enhanced bass/audio quality
  • Super bass
  • Auto power on and off
  • Binaural calls
  • Previous song, Next song
  • Music time 4.5-5 hours
  • Voice control
  • 1:1 size of AirPod Pros
  • GPS positioning
Techcessorize Review: Tried and tested and impressed us all.  These don't just mimic the look and packaging or the Apple AirPros, they are also fantastic quality  We compared with Apple AirPros and could barely tell the difference in any way.  They paired easily, sound great, fitted well and as a bonus, the come with a silicone protective case cover with strong attachment and belt clip.  So now you won't lose them.  Check out our opening and review video on..............

$87.99 $163.99

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