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4G Kids Smart Watch | GPS Locator | Call | Camera

The 4G Kids Smart Watch  is a multifunctional device just like a Smartwatch giving you peace of mind when your child isn’t with you. It is packed with features including two-way Call, GPS positioning, One press SOS emergency call, AntiLost, Activity Tracking, Remote photograph, Voice Chat, Remote Voice Monitor, Clock, Flashlight, water-resistant and much more. 

Parents can control and set The Kids Smart Watch through the APP they download on their phones.

It uses 3 Dimensional GPS tracking with Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 4.0, for an even faster connection and data transfer. This enables a cleaner and stronger signal for phone-calls between the watch and your iPhone or Android phone, as well as on one-way audio listening on the watch.

Compatible with networks worldwide.

GPS and Location Tracking:  The KidsSmart Watch has double position technology based on GPS and Location Base on Cell Tower Station means double safety for kids. True GPS will provide a more accurate location with the error of less than 30meters achieving all-day real-time location tracking. Parents can check the position at any time, anywhere via SMS, website, iOS or Android APP. This 3 Dimensional Tracking makes use of; GPS, A-GPS and Wifi localisation, all at once.

Virtual Fence Barrier (with alert): Set parameters through the app such as your child’s school, and if the child leaves that area, you will be alerted and then use the GPS tracker to see where they are going.

Historical Path Data: Using the App you can check where your child has been throughout the day.

Fitness and Sleep tracker: There is a Step Counter/ Pedometer and sleep monitor built into the Kids Smart Watch.  This shows them and you how much activity and sleep they have had.

SOS Emergency Alarm: The Kids Smart Watch has a one-button push which sends an SOS emergency alarm to the selected phone number(s)

Phone and messaging: The Kids Smart Watch includes a phone so you can talk to your child anytime, anywhere. You are able to set the numbers for incoming and outgoing calls and send voice messages through the application for IOS or Android.
Remote Voice Monitor: Set the voice monitor number in App, dial the number and the watch will automatically answer without reminding. So the parents can hear the children secretly. 

Built-in Camera: Parents can remotely turn the camera on or the child directly uses it on the watch when talking to the parent. And kids also take pictures (the watch can only save one picture, when saving the new one, it will replace the old picture automatically).

Sleep Monitoring / Sleep data collection: Monitor your child’s sleep pattern

Water Resistant:  The Kids Smartwatch is water resistant ONLY. IPX6. Not for kids washing or bathing, swimming or steam. 

Comfortable strap: Nano TPU85 material strap, Antisweat matte surface treatment ergonomic convex design and soft strap which make wearing more comfortable for kids to wear. 

1.44 inch Touch screen.  1.44 Clear LCD touchscreen large enough for kids to touch and read.

Flashlight: Super bright flashlight ensures children's safety in a dark place.

Remote Device Shutdown: Turn the device off remotely if needed.

SIM Card Selection: Kids smartwatch work as an unlock mobile phone. You need to buy a micro 4G SIM 

A sim card isn't required to get the watch working, but for most of it's functions e.g. location tracking or making/receiving phone calls, a sim card is required (Any 900/2100 compatible network, in any part of the world).

Also, parents can track as many as 10 Watches from one smartphone. 
For advanced technical details on this watch,


Battery: 400mAh
Standby time: 7 days
Charging time: 1.5 hrs

Package includes:
1x Kids Smart Watch
1x USB Cable

$65.00 $120.99

99 In Stock

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