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U-Shape Toothbrush - Sonic Whitening Electric Silicone


You have found the new generation of oral care with the combination of teeth cleaning, gum massage and whitening in one new innovation. The soft silicone U shape design using sonic vibration cleans your entire mouth, loosening plaque, cleaning away bacteria and food particles, and can remove stains and whiten your teeth with 3 modes of operation.

The wireless rechargeable base is waterproof so it can be used in the shower, perfect for brushing and whitening while you’re having a shower as 15 minutes a day can give you a whiter smile in weeks and you can keep maintenance of your whitening up once a week.

Or simply enjoy being hands-free for 30 seconds while the 360 Sonic U shape toothbrush does the brushing for you and continue getting ready for the day.


  • Unique U-shaped brush head containing multiple rows of silicone bristles that can reach all areas and crevices with high-frequency sound wave vibration can quickly clean all your teeth at the same time
  • Four modesModes: Soft /Strong /Massage gum/Whitening.  It helps eliminate 99.99% of plaque producing bacteria, and massages gums promoting good blood flow to help prevent gingivitis and receding gums.  Traditional brushing can miss parts of your teeth, erode enamel and push gums back if done too vigorously.  The super-soft silicone moves so fast it vibrates debris and bacteria away.
  • Nano blue cold light whitening, low-temperature. The perfect combination of brushing and whitening. Use the ‘Whitening’ mode for the Cold Light teeth whitening. Daily treatment of 15 minutes will lead to a complete result after less than one month.
  • Food grade FDA approved silicone brush head, not allergic, safer to use. Soft premium grade silicone and non-abrasive and will mould to the shape of your bite.
  • Wireless induction charging, 3 hours charging, 15-20 days use between charging.   
  • IPX7 waterproof: Can be used in the shower or bath.


  1. After a full charge, install a U-shaped brush head.
  2. wet the brush head and apply dots of toothpaste on both sides
  3. Put the brush head into your mouth and turn onto your chose mode.
  4. when complete (10-30 seconds for normal brushing), remove from your mouth and rinse well. leave somewhere to dry.

Package Includes:

1x Electric 4 mode toothbrush control

1 x U shaped silicone brush head

1x USB Cable

1 x Charger base

1 x Use Manual


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